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The Rustic Crust - Mobile Wood Fired Pizza Weddings, Corporate Catering and VIP events.


Pizza varies from country to country. With many different styles and ways of cooking, there is no right or wrong way of enjoying one of the world’s oldest food styles; simple wood-fired flatbreads with a simple topping.

So why Neapolitan Pizza?


The Neapolitan Pizzas beautifully basic ingredients, its slow rise dough, its comforting almost soup like topping and high temerature cooking method has resulted in the formation of it’s very own association. To become a member, chefs are trained to become authentic Neapolitan 'pizzaiolo' who follow strict cooking guidelines and use only specific local ingredients.


At the Rustic Crust we don’t take it quite so seriously but cook our pizzas as close to the authentic Neapolitan style as possible. Our pizzas are made from the freshest Italian and locally sourced ingredients. For our slow rise dough we use only the finest imported ‘00’ milled flour, fresh yeast, sweet San Marzano tomatoes, cows milk mozzarella, fresh basil and delicious extra virgin olive oil.


Our pizzas are 100% handmade to order and baked in our custom-built wood-fired oven at a heat of around 500°C. This intense blast of heat locks in all the natural flavours and moisture, creating a soft delicious light Rustic Crust that stands apart from any other.


A fantastic 12 year family pizza journey. Always learning, always challenging but always enjoying what we do at The Rustic Crust.

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After developing a passion for making and sharing ‘REAL’ handmade pizza for family and friends over the past 12 years, we have decided it’s time to share our passion with a wider audience. The Rustic Crust is now serving delicious Neapolitan wood-fired pizza throughout Nottinghamshire and further afield.


We were never big Pizza fans but on a trip to Rome 14 years ago we visited Pizzeria da Baffetto, which at the time was making one of the best Romana (thin and crispy) pizzas in the world. We couldn't believe how good it tasted. But what I REALLY wanted to know was why doesn't pizza taste like this back home..


Half the trick was the 'blast furnace' oven they were cooked in. So what started as a small 'cob oven' project in the back garden quickly ended up as a full blown brick by brick Pompeii oven. Completed a year later with the help from growing oven building enthusiast forums such as  Forno Bravo and the ever growing UK wood-fired oven forum run by Terry Lyons.


Finally 12 years and 3 ovens later and with a lot of help from old and new friends we have finally reached the point of being out and about sharing our Pizza. No longer Romano style though. In the last 6 years it's been easier to source the ingredients needed to make a more authentic Neapolitan pizza, a favourite of ours. Its harder to get right but when you do its well worth it. We hope you'll agree.

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